terça-feira, agosto 04, 2009


Every single day
Are always the same wars
Endless battles
I can't stop the bleeding
And they still waiting with both eyes closed
For the fruits of my regret
And I know you are the only one who can see
Whats going inside of me
I'm fighting for a chance
I'm fighting for a change
And honestly I don't care about what they think
The only reason I'm doing this
It's just because I love you more than anything
Oh My God!
Can you keep me from fall over myself
The end is near, so protect me from what I want
Because I can't do it on my own
I have thousands of deaths inside of me
I've already forgotten how many are the epitaphs
But you are my only chance to breathe
Only you can bring me back to life
But anyway I'm here right in front of you
Just the way I am
So if you want to use me just do it
You are the only reason I live for
You are the only thing that worths to die for

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